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Transportation. What a wonderful concept.  What makes a young boy want to get in a motorized anything? Is it the sound, the smell, the movement? For Todd Brown, it’s all of the above. Starting with his first car, a 1969 Pontiac Le Mans convertible purchased for $1200.00.  Limelight green, black vinyl interior and black vinyl top, 2-barrel carb with an automatic transmission, it was the start of a lifelong passion. 

Fast forward to current day and the smells of that car still linger in his mind. He has made a life full of different careers, from fashion to music to cars and has found his home with cheese, wine, roadtrips and artists. Todd loves life with Monica & Otis filled with wonderful food, wine and experiences. Road trips are a must for this family. Life is a journey, share it, enjoy it, live it everyday. 

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Roger Garbow is the founder of Full Throttle Marketing, a Connecticut-based automotive and motorsports marketing and PR firm. He’s worked with some of the world’s most respected automotive brands from Cadillac and Vredestein Tires to the New York International Auto Show. A member of the International Motor Press Association, he’s the automotive writer for 068 Magazine and has contributed to numerous automotive outlets including RoadandTrack.com and TheDRIVE.com

Roger’s first car, a ’72 Subaru FF-1, cost him only $500 since an Irish Setter had eaten half the front passenger seat. Before founding FTM, Roger experienced a diverse range of automotive worlds, from tow truck driver to custom limousine designer to Porsche racing team PR hack. Roger has wheeled some incredible vehicles, including the Pagani Huayra and the Glickenhaus Boot, but he prefers lightweight sportscars with three pedals. If he’s not shooting photos or pounding the keys on his laptop, you’ll find him and his lovely wife carving Connecticut’s backroads in their fairly clean Honda S2000.

Twitter/Instagram: @rogergarbow

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Anything to be around cars led Ryan to his first job at the age of 12, pushing a broom around a Volvo repair shop in eastern CT. Today, Ryan Kundrat is founder of CT Dream Garage, a real estate agency specializing in properties with exemplary garages. Ryan has a particularly deep knowledge of Connecticut as a result of the years spent exploring backroads with his wife aboard their Ducati motorcycles. Of course, he’s no stranger to 4-wheels having owned many of Alfa Romeos and BMWs over the years—Ryan is an equal opportunity petrolhead.

When he isn’t dreaming of his next car or hunting for the perfect garage for a client, he is also a real estate agent helping clients find their home in Fairfield County, Connecticut and a designer and the owner of the creative agency, ARK Projects, focusing on graphic design and environmental branding projects for clients across the country.

Fun fact: The Snap-on mini screwdriver given to him by one of the mechanics when he was 12 still holds a special spot in his toolbox.

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